Therapists and Trainers are always ready, focused and caring.

J. Gamberg

It was an excellent experience. I appreciate the care and support of the staff in helping me rehabilitate my shoulder.

S. S.

My experience at Landswick Physical Therapy was a great one. They’re really patient and take their time with you. The staff really helped me get back to the original form I was in a few years ago.

D. W.

My pain has been eliminated and my strength and balance keep increasing.

K. B.

Thad drew upon an impressive knowledge of working anatomy. The success of his choice of treatment was complete. His ability to explain what he was doing and to make helpful suggestions for conduct and exercise beyond the sessions was excellent.

R. Allen

I have never had such good therapy anywhere else. Your therapists are outstanding in ability and personality!

L. D.

The staff helped me learn about how my back and injury were connected to the rest of my body. I understand now how posture, strength, and flexibility of each area of the body is related to overall well-being. They have helped me immensely.

J. B.

“The care provided by Daniela seemed to produce almost immediate results.”

D. Appleton

It was a very good experience. I feel much improved.

J. Hente

The whole process has been very pleasant. I feel the staff here is very welcoming, friendly, and knowledgeable. I have seen dramatic improvements.

J. C.

Over the past six years or so, Thad Stracker has treated several diverse joint injuries of mine.  In each case, including the one just completed, he has provided outstanding knowledge, treatment, and advice: my highest commendation.


It has been a perfect experience thanks to Thad and Landswick.

F. Weideman

I do appreciate receiving the therapy here and it is most beneficial.

G. B.

The staff is very professional. Thad is terrific. The exercises have been very helpful and my pain has gone away.

M. V.

After years of seeking relief from others for my back pain, I was finally referred here. They did what no one else could — showed me how to understand, treat, and manage my pain myself! I am now able to work, study, and play pain-free. Thank you, Erik and everyone at Landswick Physical Therapy!

V. Mills

Everyone involved in my therapy was professional, friendly and essential to my recovery.


Friendly, good communication and effective.